You're Family

You're Family

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Over 40 years of Experience in Risk Management and Asset Protection. Who are you going to entrust with your business?


Coastal Insurors is an independent insurance agency founded in 1990, specializing in all forms of Professional Liability, Cyber, Crime, Bonds, D&O and EPLI for individual professionals and professional entities. Our clients range from sole practitioners to firms in excess of 200 lawyers.

Additionally, Coastal Insurors also works in the Alternate Risk Transfer (ART) market, showing small to mid-size entities how to recoup up to 50% of their traditional insurance premiums each year by employing the same time-tested business/insurance/tax strategy used by Fortune 500 companies since the mid-1950s. In 1986, Congress placed ARTs into the IRC to incentivize use, but because of how expensive they are to establish and manage, ARTs continued to be used mostly by large entities… until now! Coastal Insurors has partnered with a number of ART managers who have found ways to streamline the complexities and offer this unique product to the masses.

appliOur ART program is prefect of all kind of business entities:  Automobile and Boat Dealerships, Legal and Accounting Firms, Chain Restaurants and Retail Shops, Agricultural Farms, Wineries, Golf Course Management Firms, Private Equity Firms, Manufacturers, Non-Profits, Municipalities, Private Colleges/Universities.  We are particularly proud to be a CORPORATE PARTNER with the Association of Business Administrator for Christian Colleges, which are a perfect fit for this program.

Our founder has been in the professional liability world since 1979.

Most agencies attempt to use a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and while this may work in some circumstances, it leaves the client feeling that they’re just a number. Coastal Insurors takes a personal interest in every client, and this hands-on approach is the reason our retention rate is over 99% every year.

We work with over 75 insurance companies and a significant number of ART Managers across the United States as well as internationally.


Most of our competitors provide the same things we do; service to the client, large selection of carriers and experience. So what makes us different? Why do we have over a 99% retention rate with our clients?

appliWe are different because we offer a service that no one else does or can. We have an exclusive relationship with an online applications service called APPLI (Application Processing for Professional Liability Insurance). Once our clients have loaded their insurance application information into this proprietary software, they never have to complete a full application again. Their information is securely stored and saved for the following year’s renewal. Their applications are pre-completed for them and only need to be reviewed and edited for submission to multiple carriers.  Best of all, the APPLI service is free to all of our clients.

Additionally, we have been recognized by insurance companies to have a superior expertise.  Because of this recognition, we have exclusive or semi-exclusive relationships with four national insurance companies.  While we represent virtually ever carrier in the market place, these exclusive relationships means that our clients are being submitted to insurance companies that do not work with most other agencies.  So unless you are insured with us, you potentially are missing out and paying more for less coverage.


  • Long-term relationships. We have insured many of our clients since the day we opened our doors, or they opened theirs.
  • Our clients are our family. You develop long-term relationships by treating people with respect. Treat them like family.
  • Be an agency that matters. Our relationships extend beyond our clients and include our carriers, underwriters, claims managers, program managers, wholesale brokers and their staff as well. Our reputation is second to none in the industry for being an agency of integrity, because that matters.
  • Service the client. Our clients do not exist for us, the client is our employer and we exist to service their needs. Our clients ALWAYS come first.
  • FAITH: Family, Accountability, Integrity, Trust and Honor, we treat our clients, vendors and employees with those values.
  • Lastly, work every day to be the Envy of Our Peers.

What we believe in has made us a better agency, better people and the reason we believe that over 99% of our clients renew with us each year!

Captive & Professional Liability Insurance

Captive & Professional Liability Insurance offered Nationwide! We offer Professionals, Transactional, Title Agencies, Accountants, Lawyers, Architects, Engineers, and Litigation Containment. Call Toll Free: 1-800-368-3363 or local St.Pete | Tampa: 727-346-9472