That is a pretty bold statement to make. Is it possible that you would never have to complete an application again to get your insurance? Most of our clients are pretty close to that being a reality. You see while most of our competitors provide the same things we do; service to the client, large selection of carriers and experience. We do things differently, and that is why we have over a 99% retention rate with our clients?

We are different because we offer a service that no one else does or can. We have an exclusive relationship with an online applications service called APPLI (Application Processing for Professional Liability Insurance). Once our clients have loaded their insurance application information into this proprietary software, they never have to complete a full application again. Their information is securely stored and saved for the following year’s renewal. Their applications are pre-completed for them and only need to be reviewed and edited for submission to multiple carriers.  Best of all, the APPLI service is FREE to all of our clients.

Because the applications are computer generated, they are all typed and therefore easy to read. Additionally the APPLI system is intuitive, so it guides our clients through the application process and generates only the forms they need to complete based on their practice and insurance history. It is truly SIMPLICITY THROUGH TECHNOLOGY. Which makes us a better agency to our clients and way ahead of our competition.

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