Cyber crime is the fastest growing type of crime in the world. You only need to read the paper or turn on a news channel to learn of the latest company or governmental agency that has been hacked.

Most of us see this as a crime that happens far away from us or where we work. The truth is that 62% of all small businesses will be hacked in some way in the next two years. Many times the company doesn’t even know they have been hacked until much later. So the issue is not if you will be a target, but when.

Typically smaller companies do not see themselves as having a hacker rich data-base, so why would a hacker bother. They bother because your company is a profit center for them. It may be your client list including social security numbers or credit card information. It may be financial data of your clients or patent information. It may be your trust and/or escrow accounts.  It may be legal information regarding a lawsuit. It may be just to shut you down and collect a ransom payment. This last reason is one of the newest and most disturbing of all.

So what do you do?

We believe that this requires a minimum of two actions plans, (1) purchasing Cyber Liability Insurance and, (2) being up to date on your cyber risk management, which should include cyber software. In regards to the later, we are happy to recommend an company that we believe provides the most comprehensive program to protect your systems from being hacked.

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In regards to cyber insurance, we represent a number of carriers who are providing cyber insurance. We can provide you with a quote in a matter of minutes with very minimal amount of information (we need three things, name, address and revenue). Coverage can be tailor made to meet your specific needs. It can include Breach Costs, Multimedia Protection, Cyber Business Interruption, Hacker Damage, Wire Transfer Fraud, Cyber Extortion and/or Cyber Crime (Social Engineering).

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